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Visionary Art Journey

Class 1 -

The Visionary Awakening:

recognizing themselves as an artist and honoring their history.

Class 2 -

The Visionary Manifestation :

What is Visionary Art?

Class 3 -

The Visionary Journey :

Your art, work and artistic identity

Class 4 -

Visionary Development:

How to develop technique in alignment with essence?

Class 5 -

The Visionary Dream:

Visionary Art as a spiritual, creative and life path.

Class 6 -

Practical class - Drawing

Class 7  -

Practical class - Painting


Who is Talia Maçaira?

Visionary Artist, she has been creating art for almost 8 years after having lived several spiritual and mystical experiences that made her awaken to her visionary and creative potential, when at the age of 18 she (re)cognized the ARTIST she always was.


A lover of the expansion of consciousness, of deep dives into oneself and trips out and in, he attends from psytrance parties to spiritual retreats where he seeks contact with his inner worlds and thus shares his visions with the world through his art.


Student of techniques, she was a student of Oleg Korolev, Amanda Sage and the only Brazilian so far selected to participate in the classic Intesivo de Arte Visionária with Alex Gray and Allyson Grey, an event postponed due to the pandemic.


Through this journey, Tália will share with you her lessons of almost 8 years experiencing the world of Visionary Art.

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