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Sobre Tália

Born on 02/26/1995  in Recife-PE, Tália Maçaira was recognized as an artist in 2014.

After  a season of traveling through Canada and Europe,  combined with an intense awakening to life,  he sat at his desk and drew. Abstract and psychedelic forms appeared on paper, and at that moment, at the age of 19, Tália felt the call to enter the world of Visionary Arts, drawing inspiration from artists like  Chris Dyer and Amanda Sage.

Motivated by your spiritual experiences, travels  what you do and people you know,  Tália paints what she feels and lives on her skin: the subtle world  with its infinite possibilities.

Visions, emotions, sensations, messages, channels, vibrations and ideas, Talia's art is both personal and transpersonal - that's how she expresses  its creative and creative power, by leaving  flow through your hands whatever needs to be given birth.


Having not attended any higher degree in Arts, he always sought to learn on his own.  curious, is  always studying and trying something new. In your creations,  makes use of traditional painting techniques such as oil paint, egg tempera,  acrylic paint, watercolors, ink, graphite, charcoal, as well as new techniques such as digital painting, image manipulation, and audiovisual tools.  


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