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Since 2016, Talia has been  presenting with his Live Painting performance.

For her, as important as the final work is the process, which she shares with the audience when painting live, being directly influenced by the environment in which she finds herself, the people around her and the music that is usually being played.


The art that is created, therefore, is a collective process and rich in meanings that embrace the moment and everything that is happening.  

Within the festivals, he walks with his easel, paints and canvas, painting both in the spaces of the Art Galleries, as on the dance floors and any other place that is inviting to create (preferably that has music!).  

In Brazil, he has painted on the runways and galleries of festivals such as the Pulsar Festival (MG), the Origens Gathering Festival (RS), the Kundalini Festival (RS) and the Festival Visionário BoiKOT (PE), as well as at European festivals such as MoDem Festival (Croatia), the Masters of Puppets (Czech Rep.), and the Elysium Island Festival (Serbia).

"Live Painting is my great passion and the way I find to share the art I make in a more ''bare and raw'' way. To create live, in the eyes of the public, is to be in complete vulnerability and also in maximum attention Thus, Live Painting allows me to open spaces for debates on Visionary and Psychedelic Art, allowing viewers to understand a little more and see with their own eyes this art that is both simple and complex, both sublime and fantastic. " talia maçaira

keep painting and dancing  wherever he goes,

believing in his dream and his vision to be able to manifest his art in all corners of planet Earth.

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